About Us

The rise in distress amongst doctors in the UK in recent years has been alarming, particularly now having to deal with the legacy of a devastating pandemic. We have both benefited from going on retreats when facing challenging periods in our career. We are therefore offering  a retreat for doctors, with doctors – a safe, calm space to enable us all to pause, reflect and seek our own individual solutions to the challenges of a medical life…


Dr Sandy Miles

I have been a GP in the Southampton area for 15 years and am now a locum Dr in Devon. In that time I have enjoyed teaching medical undergraduates and being a GP Tutor, Programme Director, Trainer and Careers Coach for postgraduates. I suffered a period of burnout whilst a GP Partner and so have turned my attention to the promotion of doctor well-being and supporting medical colleagues in their search for a well-balanced life. I completed a MSc in Medical Humanities and believe that the arts and humanities can play an important role in achieving that aim.

Dr Sam Powell


I qualified as a GP in Winchester in 2003 and have been in the area ever since. Initially a locum, then a partner for 12 yrs, I became a trainer, with a focus on trainees in difficulty, and an appraiser.  About five years ago, a stressful practice merger led to me resigning and going to New Zealand for a few months. Fully recovered, I have come back to locuming in Hampshire, and am now a retained GP.  I also work in GP training and mentoring, and work with doctors in difficulty through the Professional Support & Wellbeing Unit for Wessex Deanery. I am a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a coach in an interest in our multiple brains (head, heart and gut), a Joyful Doctor coach and am experienced in mindfulness, CBT and alternative options for healing and health. I am passionate about a healthy work force for the NHS and am excited to share tools to help achieve that.